Ideas for online business in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It features a stable national currency and an impressively regulated infrastructure.

It offers a lifestyle full of excellent prospects and opportunities for creating and developing successful businesses.

Its largest city, Dubai, makes full use of its ideal gateway between East and West. While 90% of the area’s population has a 24/7 high-speed internet connection, e-commerce is one of the most significant promising business ventures in the city right now.

Ideas for online business in Dubai could be a lucrative idea.

Restaurant reservation platform

Eating out may be one of the Emiratis’ favourites. What if easy reservations were just one click away? You can start an online restaurant menu. Visitors pre-book the number of people, local area, date, time, etc. to reserve tables.

You benefit from every reservation, subscription, advertisement, and every unique restaurant.

Online travel activities platform

Around the world, local hosts organize travel activities and guided tours throughout the year. Still, many travellers miss these activities only due to a lack of knowledge or the hassle of booking. Due to the overwhelming government support in tourism, Dubai is the ideal place to start such a business. The basic idea is to have an online platform that connects local hosts and travellers. With the tourism business costing millions of dollars, you might be making massive commission income from each booking, along with premium menus and subscription packages.

Food ordering and delivery platform

In a city with extreme weather conditions like Dubai, 3 out of 4 people order fast food at least once a week. Profits from the food ordering and delivery platform will be okay. As an administrator of this market, you can list restaurants and receive a commission for successful orders, subscriptions, a restaurant featured menus, ads and affiliates on your page.

Private lessons

All parents understand that quality education is essential for a child. However, although fierce competition among students has made private education one of Dubai’s most prominent business players, finding the right tutor in every subject takes a long time. You can eliminate this complication by starting an online page to advertise private tutors, categorized by topics – along with their detailed profiles, ratings, and reviews.

Book a car wash

In a desert city like Dubai, cars get dirty with dust and mud every day. Additionally, since the government prohibits washing vehicles in public places, it is known that most Dubai residents wash their cars professionally, four times a month, on average.

If you dream of establishing a business in Dubai, then perhaps starting an online business may be a profitable trend, especially in a vast city that relies a lot on modern technologies.

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